About Diana

...the person behind Practical Arrangements:

Hi! I am a professional organizer and I love to organize everything! Yes, I’m a neat freak and everything has its place. As much as I love organized spaces, I also enjoy messy spaces (well only the messy spaces I get to organize). Helping clear clutter and making someone feel less stressed is so gratifying. I live for it!


I have always loved organizing – from spaces to events to even creating streamlined processes at work. As a kid, my room was always neat – even when friends were over. As a teen, I often stayed up late organizing drawers or closets (I actually still do this!). As an adult, I organize my family’s closets, kitchens, entryways and paper just for fun.


Decluttering is a big deal! May sound challenging to part with things, but you would simply be reassessing your space to benefit you. I enjoy helping people make decisions about what to keep as well as helping them actually be able to enjoy their space. I do this by observing current habits and asking lots of questions about the space, individual items and what is convenient.


Fashion is another passion and important to me in so many ways. I’m totally into it, always love talking about it and have been styling ladies of all shapes and sizes for years. I want to help people create new outfits from their existing closets as well as share fashion tips that will make them feel confident in whatever they decide to wear.   


I help organize what’s laying around on countertops, inside drawers and cabinets, and what’s behind closed doors like closets and that guest bedroom. Ready to save time looking for things? Want to finally have friends come over? Do you want a stress free morning?  


Set up an appointment and let’s get you organized!

My goal is to transform cluttered spaces into organized
ones while teaching you practical techniques to stay organized.