Just about everyone I meet says they can use an organizer in their life. There are so many questions after this statement, so wanted to share some answers with you.

What exactly do you do?!

We start the session by clarifying goals for the space we are working on and setting expectations. Once we are on the same page we will go through each item to determine whether to keep, then we decide where to store and discuss systems that will keep you organized. There is so much more involved, but you don’t have to worry about that because I’ll be there to guide you.  


What if I’m sharing my closet space?

If they will not be there during the organizing session, they can declutter their stuff before our session or you can help them declutter after you learn a couple things from our session. We will involve the person sharing the space as much or as little as they would like. If they aren’t into it before the session, they will be after they see your side of the closet (happens every time!).


Do you take donations?

Yes. I will take the clothes you want to donate to local non-profits. We will discuss your preference during our consultation.


Should I pick up before our session?

Feel free to straighten up or remove items that should live elsewhere. Please DO NOT pick up those piles you created because they mean something. These piles say a lot about what is convenient for you and we want to work around that. I will ask that you wash as much laundry as you can so we can include the clothes you are currently wearing.


What do I get from an organizer that I can’t get from YouTube?

Motivation, accountability and fun (if you work with me!). You can watch YouTube or save pins on Pinterest all day, but will you actually do it? Sometimes just starting is difficult. An organizer will stand by you until the project is completed.


Will you also clean?

We will wipe down shelves or drawers we are working on, but I will not clean your space. Schedule a cleaning service or plan your cleaning day after we are done clearing your space. I promise that cleaning will be done faster when you have less stuff and everything has its place!


Will you help me organize other rooms?

Absolutely. I’m happy to organize every space, drawer, closet and the dreaded paper piles. With the exception of a garage in the Texas summer! Although it wouldn't take much to convince me once I've seen a disorganized garage. 

Can you help me during my move?

I will help you declutter before you start packing your belongings as well as manage movers. I will also help you unpack and create organized systems in your new space. And, I’m your gal if you still have boxes from back whenever you moved and never got around to unpacking.

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